To our brides

I found this wonderful letter written by Lone Star Southern, and share the sentiments so deeply, that I wanted to pass it along to you:

Today, I wanted to take a second to write to you. To let you know you’re on my heart, you haven’t been forgotten, and whatever feelings you’re experiencing right now, sadness, fear, defeat or loss, they are valid. Today, I wanted to let you know that with each escalation and update, from low-key murmurs to mandated cancellations, my heart has continually sunk for you, and for what you are being asked to give up.

Today, while you watch your friends make the most of this time on social media… posting lighthearted memes, figuring out how to work from home, ordering takeout instead of dining in… you’re grappling with changing, postponing or canceling a dream you’ve most likely had for years and years. While many of us are trying to decide on a new Netflix series to start, you’re trying to come to terms with the fact that a special day you’ve been working towards for a while may look vastly different than you had hoped.

Today, I wanted to say I am sorry that in the midst of an already
emotionally-packed wedding planning process, you’re being asked to
handle not only more high emotions, but logistical chaos as
well. Maybe moving or changing your wedding to accommodate this new
season has been a breeze. But I have a feeling it hasn’t been that way
for everyone. Finding a different date, coordinating with
out-of-town relatives and guests, contacting each and every vendor, and
trying to decide how on earth to celebrate in this new reality. I cannot

I do imagine you’re caught in a hard place right now. Maybe you feel
guilty for being upset when there seem to be more important things
happening right now. Maybe you feel sad that important people in your
life won’t be able to stand by you on this important day. Maybe you feel
overwhelmed at all the decisions you’re going to have to make for a
second time. I can’t imagine exactly how you’re feeling, but I know
you’re feeling a lot.

So today, in case no one has told you, I just want to say I am so
sorry. I want to say that I recognize what you’re having to go through,
and I wish more than anything that I could give you a big hug, sit on
the couch with you over a bottle of wine and cry it out together.

And today, I want to promise you one final thing. Your day will come.
It may look different than you had initially planned, but it will come. And not only will it come, but it will shine all the more brightly be all the sweeter because of what you walking through now.

Because here’s the thing: you are demonstrating what marriage, and
what a whole wedding celebration, is really all about. Loving someone
else more than yourself, no matter the cost. You are living out love,
not just as an ideal, but as an action. Not the hollywood-crafted,
romanticized, “happily ever after” kind of love. You are living out sacrificial love. And love that sacrifices for others is the truest, deepest, most perfect love there is.

And perfect love, even in the midst of global epidemics, canceled plans, financial instability and changed dreams, always perseveres. (1 Corinthians 13:6)

So on behalf of every single one of us who are not walking in your
shoes, I want to thank you. For making a unique, but no less important,
sacrifice that many of us do not have to make in this strange season.
For changing one of your dreams so that people you may never meet can
continue to dream theirs. And for reminding us what true love is really
all about.

I have a feeling all the people you’re loving by the choices you’re making right now can’t wait to return the love when they finally do get to celebrate you!

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