The “textured” bouquet

So what is a “textured” bouquet? Texture in a bouquet is found in the individual flowers and greens, as well as the different kinds of flowers and greens used. Think in terms of “smooth” and “ruffled”. Roses are smooth, so a bouquet of all roses, is certainly beautiful, but not considered ‘textured’. Peonies are ruffled, so a bouquet of all peonies has a natural amount of texturing in it. Most bouquets are a mix of flowers, so the smoothness or ruffling on the individual flowers will determine the amount of texturing – the more flower types used, the more textured the bouquet. Textured bouquets will naturally be a bit more expensive, and it takes the training of a professional designer to choose the right flowers, to create the right textures, and achieve the desired result!

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