You only do full service weddings, what does that mean?

A full service wedding includes at least personal flowers + reception centerpieces.  The areas we typically "flower" are defined as:

+ Personal flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, flower girl, etc)

+ Ceremony (arch rental / flowers, alter flowers, aisle enhancements, etc)

+ Reception (table centerpieces, bridal table, accent flowers)

+ Rentals (arch, backdrops, candles, linens, chargers, etc)

I need help with my vision & overall design - can you help?

Absolutely!  We offer a Design Service that includes walking with you through the venue and dreaming up ideas together.  After that we create 3 different vision boards and work on finalizing a dream wedding that is unique to you!

Do you take care of setting up and tear-down?

OF COURSE WE DO!!  This is our job, so you and your family can enjoy the day together without worrying about the details!

Do you have "packages" that I can choose from?

Unlike your DJ or photographer, your flowers and decor are completely customized for your day.  We create the ambiance that sets the mood and gives your photographer all those beautiful details to capture.  The right flowers and decor elevate the occasion from just a party to a wedding; something timeless you’ll revisit years to come with your children and grandchildren. This, of course, can vary drastically on what your needs and wants are for the day.  It's all about YOUR vision for YOUR day!


What should I plan to spend for flowers and decor?

Pricing, just like your wedding, is unique.  The general rule has been to allocate 10-15% of the overall wedding budget for flowers.  Since we also provide expanded decor options, your contract with us may look more like 15-18%.  It all comes down to choices:  one couple may want specialty linens, a greenery wall, and tall arrangements for the reception, while another might be utilizing the linens provided by the venue and want a simpler centerpiece.  Remember, it’s an investment in the day just like the food, the photography, and the dress.  The absolute best advice I give is to tell you that the flowers and decor should be on the same level as the venue!!  If you choose a high-end venue, your decor should also be on the higher end of the spectrum.  We work with a LOT of venues, and if you need help determining whether to kick it up or down a notch, we will gladly help!

If at all possible, try to keep your floral budget to a range, rather than a specific number to allow yourself room for changes.  We have found that a lot can change over the course of 12-24 months of planning, and trying to be too specific too early, can actually limit your vision!  Rather, working with a budget range gives us the ability to maximize your resources and guide you through the process of choosing the perfect combination of elements to achieve the most impact.

What is your minimum spend to work with you?

Our stated minimum for 2023-2024 weddings is $4,000.  However, we are flexible and will take on smaller projects to fill the calendar or work in a favorite venue!  Just ask!