Reschedule, Reduce, Planning?

As couples are facing the reality of COVID-19 changing their wedding plans, we hope to shed some light on weighing the options and staying positive.

The majority of “Kelli’s” couples have decided to reschedule their April, May, and June weddings. Most are changing to the Fall, and some are going with a similar weekend in 2021. While finding open dates for all of the vendors can be challenging, it is definitely doable, and going with a Friday or Sunday wedding is very on-trend.

Now that states will begin “opening”, what will the new guidelines look like for weddings? The reality is that we don’t know. It is hard to fight feelings of overall “unfairness” for our couples, and as we struggle to stay positive, I wanted to show you how you might still have a beautiful wedding in the midst of all of this uncertainty.

The “Private” Ceremony: For couples who can’t change their date because they are moving, changing jobs, there is meaning to their date, or any number of reasons, the private ceremony is a good option.

A private ceremony usually includes the couple, best man, maid-of-honor, their parents, and the officiant, following by a small dinner, that follows the 10-person guideline. Some will hire a videographer to stream the ceremony so grandparents and close friends can still be part of it. Most couples plan to have the reception later, and possibly include a vow-renewal ceremony that includes the larger bridal party.

We are hearing about a 50-person guideline, so is it possible to have a small event where everybody has a good time, AND is socially responsible? YES (although limiting alcohol may help!) and here are few ways to do that:

The “Cocktail Party / Garden Party” Wedding: For couples who can easily reduce the guest list to fit a 50-person guideline, and maintain social distancing.

Mix of cocktail tables, dining tables, and furniture creates an intimate setting with lots of room to move around safely.

Larger tables with fewer chairs are just as beautiful with more room for intimate candles and lush florals! Search “Kings table” on Pinterest for more ideas!

Reducing the guest list also makes room for luxury seating and added features like chandeliers, arches, furniture, and other “extras” that may not have been in the budget with a guest list of 200.

The focus now is on moving forward, and how that looks to you may be different than anyone else. Only you can decide what is best for your wedding. Just know that you have options, and we are here to help!

Our goal was, and still is, to make flowers and decorations as easy and stress-free for you as possible. Watching our couples go through this is so hard, but we are walking with them, each step of the way.

Kelli & Crew at Kelli’s Floral Boutique

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