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Pinterest is a beautiful platform for artists to showcase their work. Many of the weddings are photo shoots for various vendors to reveal their specific talents, and create incredible inspiration for you! It is also a platform for amateurs and DIY-ers, which often results in less-than-professional inspiration!
So follow these tips, and you can use Pinterest like a pro for your REAL wedding!
Tips to Pinterest like a Pro!
1) Have ideas – it helps to have some clues about what kind of style you would like for your wedding before turning to Pinterest – there is just too much to see without some kind of direction.
2) Keep it pro – make sure you are looking at a pro’s work for inspiration. Photo shoots, also called “styled shoots” typically showcase the best work, and therefore the best inspiration.
3) What is inspiration? When you see something that really appeals to you, consider yourself inspired! Just remember that you are looking for “look and feel” of what appeals to you. It is best to adapt the inspiration to your taste, rather than go for a “clone” of what you see.
3) Flowers, specifically – again, there is a great deal of amateur work displayed on Pinterest. Your florist is a pro, and we don’t expect you to know all the ins and outs of floral design – so ask questions, keep it real, and your wedding flowers will be perfect!
5) Know when to stop! When you have decided on your colors, theme, and overall “look” for your wedding, change your search strategy. Limit the search to just a few final details within your colors and theme to keep you from changing your mind! Be confident in your choices – it is YOUR wedding!!

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