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What you see…
Did you know that most weddings on Pinterest aren’t real weddings at all but “styled shoots”?!! In a styled shoot, a photographer, a venue, a dress shop, a tux rental, and a florist will collaborate to create a faux wedding. Everything about it is over-the-top, unrealistic, and it isn’t even a real wedding! It’s just marketing material.
So follow these tips, and you can use Pinterest like a pro for your REAL wedding!
Tips to Pinterest like a Pro!
1) Keep it real – if it looks too “staged” it was probably a styled shoot, not real wedding photos.
2) Have some ideas of what you want before turning to Pinterest – there is just too much to see without some kind of direction.
3) Inspiration – remember you are looking for inspiration, not a clone. Go for “look and feel” instead, get inspired, and don’t expect duplicates.
4) Flowers – a lot of Pinterest flowers are silk, or poorly designed. Your florist is a pro, and we don’t expect you to know all the ins and outs of floral design – so ask questions, keep it real, and your wedding flowers will be perfect!
5) Know when to stop! When you have decided what you want for your wedding, stop looking at Pinteres! It will only cause you to doubt your choices, or worse yet, change your mind 2 weeks before!!

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