How much will my flowers cost?

Each wedding is uniquely different, so there is no set price on the flowers and decorations that go into creating your day. We are finding that the advice offered by many bridal publications to “save money on flowers” is not realistic for most weddings.

Our goal is to give you good, solid advice on pricing so you can avoid surprises, and make the best possible decision!

Rule 1: If the wedding is being held in an upscale venue, your flowers and decorations should also be on the upscale side. The tables should have more than just candles on them, and the ‘added touches’ like floral treatment on the bridal table, bar, and restrooms should be included. Keeping it proportional will make for a beautiful wedding, and a happy couple!

Rule 2: Garlands and “just greens” are costlier than you may think. We see many brides on a tight budget asking for “just garlands of eucalyptus greens on the tables”. This look is popular and beautiful and pricey. Small to medium-sized centerpieces are much more affordable.

Rule 3: Don’t waste money on buying your own centerpiece containers and stands. Renting them from the venue or your florist will cost less, saves your time and energy, and what on earth will you do with those things after the wedding?!

Rule 4: Beware of Pinterest-perfect-weddings. I have an entire segment dedicated to navigating Pinterest in your wedding decorating, so stay tuned…

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